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Make the most of garden living and get doodling outdoors this spring and summer

Ok so our seasons may not be the most predictable. With sizzling April sun in the UK taking temperatures above those in Greece or Spain, we’re busy dusting off the barbecue and picnic blanket. But meanwhile in the Rocky Mountains, spring flowers have just been buried by an unexpected April snow-dump! Yup, it’s hard to plan ahead.

Still, we remain undeterred because we’ve grown to love our outdoor living and we cherish any opportunity to enjoy lunch on the lawn, a picnic in the park, a barbecue at the allotment or just a glass of wine on the balcony. Cheers!

But what if you fancy bringing something a bit different, a bit quirky to the mix? Well consider, if you will, the art of al fresco doodling.

eatsleepdoodle cotton textiles make a really fun addition to any get-together and are perfect for keeping creative minds busy with outdoorsy doodles. All eatsleepdoodle products come with wash out pens - so they can be doodled, customised and drawn on then chucked in the washing machine for a clean canvas - ready for the next warm day.

Our range includes the doodle tablecloth, doodle placemats, kids aprons and bunting - perfect for lazy picnic doodling, for happy lunches in the garden, and for passing the time while the barbecue gets going. You might be inspired to doodle some poetry, to doodle ideas for your next party, to sketch out a story, play games or to do a little nature drawing. It’s relaxing, it’s nourishing and – if the weather suddenly turns – it’s really easy to move inside and keep the fun going.

eatsleepdoodle products bring extra creativity and a few magic moments to any occasion and are enjoyed by doodlers of all ages – but they’re particularly good for keeping kids busy and happily occupied while the grown-ups grill, chill and refill!