We're on our summer holidays...it must be time for rainy day doodling!

OK so you’re on your hols in the caravan/tent/chalet/apartment and it’s just started raining. The kids are stuck indoors, getting bored and tetchy…familiar?

Time to reach for your secret weapon – the new colour and learn pillowcases from eatsleepdoodle.

With either a world map or dinosaur illustration to colour in (wash-out fabric pens included in each pack, naturally) your little ones are going to be busy, happy…and learning by stealth!

dinosaur pillowcase to colour and learnTest their knowledge by getting them to write the dinosaur names in the spaces beneath; stimulate their imaginations by encouraging them to tell the story of this lost world, inhabited by scary dinosaurs, where a group of scientists and their families have just crashed. If you’ve got wifi, let them learn interesting stuff about the dinos on our fact-filled dino resource page.

world map pillowcase to colour and learnOr let them take epic daydream journeys, exploring the 7 modern day wonders of the world and discovering wild animals, exotic sea creatures and heaps of fun facts about every country they visit, with lots more to explore on the web resource page.

world map pillowcase resource page

Don’t forget to capture their creative journeys in photos and share them with us on social media by using the hashtag #eatsleepdoodle. We’ll be keeping an eye out!