the doodle case for iPad


  • Your iPad is your music, your books, your photos, your drawing, your gaming, your contacts and emails, your diary – blimey! It’s just about everything. What else could you want?

    Well you might want something to protect it that’s every bit as creative and individual as you and your iPad. Meet the doodle case for iPad – ready for you to customise  with your singular style. And when you want to change style, just chuck it in the washing machine and you’re ready to design and personalise afresh.

    The doodle case for iPad  features doodle’s iconic graph paper design on one side and file paper on the other. It comes with a set of 5 mini doodle wash-out pens and a side-loop so you always have a doodle pen to hand. It has a spongy neoprene inner and padded zip to keep your iPad safe and protected, and a pocket for business cards.

  • See the doodle case for iPad in action in our mini video here!
    • creative tech lovers of all ages
    • keeping kids busy and creative while you’re playing on your iPad
    • a creative present for those difficult to buy for teenagers and students
    • making a bit of a statement
    • doodling notes and flashes of inspiration on the go
  • Product size:  19x25cm/11x8in
    Fabric:  cotton and neoprene
    Pack weight:  280gm
    Care:  wash warm/30°, dry naturally
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