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Looking for gift-inspiration this Christmas?

December 13, 2016

let eatsleepdoodle help with the fine art of gift buying this Christmas! We've got something for (almost) everyone, so nobody has to make-do with new socks this Christmas! Continue Reading →

what is it about Halloween, and what is Halloween all about?

October 17, 2016

If you’re anything like us, you can’t really be doing with all the Halloween hullaballoo. Just another meaningless, over-commercialised festival isn’t it?   Well hold on – didn’t most Halloween traditions originate in Britain?   Bonfires were part of the 2000-year old Celtic end-of-summer festival called Samhain, celebrated on 31 October. Samhain had plenty of supernatural associations and folk wore costumes to ward off roaming spirits and ghosts.  Over the centuries the Christian festival of All Saints Day, celebrated on 1 November,  adopted some of the traditions of Samhain, and the evening before became All Hallows Eve – eventually Halloween. A-ha.  In Medieval Britain, children and the poor would go door-to-door ‘souling’ – getting food in return for prayers for the... Continue Reading →

is doodling the new black?

September 07, 2016

There’s a really interesting article in HighSnobiety on the emergence of doodling in fashion. It talks about the long-time link between fashion and self-expression, and the well-established custom of personalising  jeans, footwear, jackets etc with patches and other decoration – but now musicians, artists and individuals are increasingly customising their stuff with doodling. Strongly influenced by art - including the 1980’s work of graffiti-inspired New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (above top) and more recently Wes Lang’s tattoo-inspired collages (above below) – designers such as Raf Simons and Maison Margeila have brought graffiti-like doodles on clothing to the catwalk and store front (below). Kanye West and A$AP Rocky have appeared wearing one-off pieces customised with doodles and customised, doodled sneakers are almost... Continue Reading →