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As we start planning for Easter, our thoughts go to Easter eggs. But why eggs? What's the story?

April 04, 2017

Easter eggs, egg decoration and Easter egg hunts are all integral to our Easter traditions – but why is that? Well, the egg is an ancient symbol of fertility and rebirth and the tradition of decorating eggs is also ancient – a 60,000 years old decorated and engraved ostrich egg was discovered in Africa!    Eggs were often boiled with natural ingredients to turn them different colours – boiling with walnut shells can turn the eggs black, tree bark can turn them black or golden, and beetroot turns them red. In Greece, one of the oldest traditions of Easter is to dye eggs red. A batik-like technique is used to decorate eggs in Central Europe, such as the Ukrainian pysanka... Continue Reading →

Dads - have you been tasked with getting a Mother's Day present from the kids?

February 28, 2017

Dads – are you looking for Mother’s Day gifts on behalf of the kids? You don’t want to let the kids down, or mum – they’re all going to want something a bit special and a bit unique, just like mum. And your kids. Quite a responsibility. How about something the kids can write their own message on – like the doodle MUG? The mug comes with a wash-off marker pen and you know what that means – awkward mis-spellings or unwanted splodges simply get washed off. The kids can start again as many times as they need to, till they get their message or drawing just perfect. And if you don’t scrub it, their special doodle will stay on... Continue Reading →

Looking for gift-inspiration this Christmas?

December 13, 2016

let eatsleepdoodle help with the fine art of gift buying this Christmas! We've got something for (almost) everyone, so nobody has to make-do with new socks this Christmas! Continue Reading →