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    Does it really all wash out?

    You bet it does! doodle ink is completely water-soluble so it washes out on a warm machine wash (around 30 or 40 degrees, as per the individual item instructions) leaving no mark or halo at all.

    Magic? Not really. It’s just clever techie stuff.

    And all eatsleepdoodle products have been tested, tested and tested again so we can guarantee it’ll all come out in the wash.

    Does every doodle product come with pens?

    Yup. Pens are included in every doodle product – they are the essential ingredient! And extra sets of pens are always available if you have armies of doodlers coming your way.

    What about when the doodle pens run out?

    We sell top-up sets of doodle pens, all available on the website.

    If I get doodle colour ink on other fabrics, will it wash out?

    So long as the fabric itself is washable, the doodle ink should wash out. We haven’t yet found a fabric it doesn’t wash out of…and we’ve tried! But you’ll understand that all of our testing is done on doodle cotton textiles, so we can only guarantee wash-out ability on our own doodle fabric.

    What age are doodle products suitable for?

    If you can doodle – they’re suitable! eatsleepdoodle products are great for all ages, but we usually recommend reading age upwards just so that the recipient can read the print on the pen to know the difference between doodle pens and other pen types!

    Other doodley questions?

    If there's anything else we can help you with, just send us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.