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      5 ways to make learning fun

      Do you struggle to find ways to help your little one learn? We’ve complied 5 of the best ways to encourage learning through fun activities and games!

      First though, it’s helpful to establish whether your child favours a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic approach to learning. Do you notice they’re constantly on the go and won’t sit still? Then you probably have a kinaesthetic learner on your hands....

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      5 ways to keep the kids entertained this May half-term

      If you are anything like us, you’ll be scurrying around looking for fun stuff to do over the long bank holiday weekend.

      This bank hols we’ve got ahead and done some research:  here’s our list of some really great events taking place up and down the country over this weekend and through next week. Have fun!


      1. Go space explorer mad!

      With the 50thanniversary of the historic moon landing this...

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      Colouring and wellbeing

      Colouring has always played a very important role in keeping children entertained.  So how does it help adults?

      Whether you're a natural doodler or not, the act of colouring in has been shown to be a form of adult stress relief, calming the part of the brain which deals with feelings of stress and fear and instead stimulating the parts responsible for creativity and logic.


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      Introducing our brand NEW party packs

      We all know the stress that comes with planning a party, especially a children’s party...Whether it’s a small do at home or a full-blown celebration, it's a massive amount of organising! Plus the added worry every party planner has of making sure the kids are busy every second for fear of those dreaded words ‘I’m bored!’.

      Which is why eatsleepdoodle have come up with their new party packs. Use them either way - perfect goodie bag fillers, but also the best fun party activities which then make perfect take-home gifts for everyone.


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