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      Stay connected, send-a-smile to the people you miss!

      Stay connected, send-a-smile to the people you miss!

      It isn’t until you can’t see smiles that you realise how much we all use them to convey thanks and positivity, and how much smiling adds to life!  I really wanted to smile my thanks to the kind checkout operative at the grocery store the other day and was reduced to explaining that I really was smiling under my mask! 

      The eatsleepdoodle team is still smiling – even if it’s hidden behind masks right now! Here we are literally ‘handing on’ a smile to you…please pass it on!

      With the added pressure of staying inside and extra screen time, it is important to do something hands-on and find new, organic ways of staying connected and showing people you care. Connecting, not only with loved ones, but with all the people around us is a huge part of daily life. A single smile can make someone’s whole day! Spike Milligan’s poem ‘Smile’ says it best:

      ‘I passed around the corner
      and someone saw my grin.
      When he smiled I realized
      I'd passed it on to him.
      I thought about that smile,
      then I realized its worth.
      A single smile, just like mine
      could travel round the earth.’
      We’ve been thinking of new ways to keep handing on smiles and staying in close (virtual) connection with friends and family, in a way that’s more creative and lasting. And we’ve cooked up ‘send-a-smile’ cards! Six different card designs to have fun coloring and personalising with your own message, poem or story, then send to someone special.
      Send-a-smile cards in action!

      So, send-a-smile to all the people you’re missing. Kids will enjoy this fun hands-on activity with an added bonus – passing on a smile! Buy 'send-a-smile' cards here.

      Don’t forget to share your smiles with us! Take photos of your colored in cards, then tag and share with us using the hashtag #esdsendasmile on Instagram (@eatsleepdoodle_), Facebook (@eatsleepdoodlehq) and Twitter (@eatsleepdoodle_)!

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      ideas for making your own thank you cards
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      How to make Holiday bunting!
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