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      Welcome to the eatsleepdoodle house! Here you’ll find lots of information about the house featured on the home decorator pillowcase, as well as lots of design inspo for decorating your own doodle home!

      colour in house for kids

      Firstly, let’s talk about architecture! Have you heard this word before? Architecture is the design and construction of buildings.

      When you look at the outside of the doodle house, what observations could you make?

      Perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s quite big with large windows, it’s symmetrical, it’s built from bricks and it’s very simple in design.

      This style of architecture dates back to the Georgian era, which was between 1714 and 1830. This time period got its name because Britain had four consecutive kings on the throne who were all called George!

      George I, George II, George III, and George IV

      If it’s from the Georgian era, our doodle home is probably over 200 years old! But it won’t have always looked the same. The house would have changed dramatically over time, as the way people live has evolved. The purpose and functions of the rooms would have evolved and the décor would have changed dramatically, too!

      Let's go on a little walk through history…

      Before the 17th century in Britain, houses were generally made out of wood and thatch and other natural materials. However, in the year 1666, there was a terrible fire in London that engulfed the city in flames and burnt down most of the buildings. Of London’s 80,000 inhabitants at the time, around 70,000 lost their homes - that’s the vast majority.

      Following the Great Fire of London, as it was known, people started constructing homes and public buildings using more durable materials like stone and brick. That way, if a fire occurred, buildings wouldn’t burn down as easily. The government also introduced very strict new laws about the height of ceilings and the size of windows, which produced a very uniformed style.

      Because these buildings were expected to stand the test of time and last for generations to come, great forethought went into their design and a lot of money was involved in their construction.

      They became a great display of wealth and power. As a result, architects sought inspiration from ancient Roman and Greek architecture as the Romans and Greeks created buildings of great importance that have lasted for centuries and were magnificent in their grandeur. What do you think? Can you see any similarities?

      More coming soon...