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eatsleepdoodle to partner up with Doodleledo for upcoming London events

How many of us LOVED drawing as kids but somehow lost our confidence when we grew up? How often do we hear people say ‘I can’t draw’?

Well, you already know that here at eatsleepdoodle we’re driven by a mission to break down the ‘I can’t draw’ barriers, and inspire people to get doodling and drawing again.

So when we first heard about Doodleledo - a creative bunch who share the same mission - we knew we had to meet these guys…

Doodleledo was founded in London by Natalia Talkowska from Shoreditch-based creative agency Natalka Design as a way of getting a few folks into a creative space for an evening – anything from Boxpark to a double-decker bus – to simply enjoy meeting new people over nibbles, good music, drinks – oh yes, and doodling! Like us, Natalia passionately believes we can ALL draw – we just need to re-discover how.

Natalia is an inspiring facilitator and she gets people working together and doodling their ideas or stories in no time. ‘It’s simple, different and above all FUN’ she says. ‘You enjoy a bit of quality time and get to leave with 20 new friends, not 20 contacts and meaningless business cards.’

It’s a winning formula to get people chillin’ and doodlin’ – so much so that there are now Doodleledo groups being run or planned in nearly 20 cities – from New York to Melbourne, Dublin to Toronto, Nairobi to Sao Paolo.

No surprise then that eatsleepdoodle and doodleledo have decided to work together on some upcoming events – our first eatsleepdoodle/Doodleledo event is coming up in London in June - it might be a mouthful but it's going to be a lot of fun! More details to follow soon, so watch this space (you can always doodle while you're waiting).

If you want to find out more about Doodleledo, check out their websiteyoutube channel or follow them on twitter and facebook.