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Make a good Impression…with the new doodle Monet placemats!

eatsleepdoodle gifts are stocked by lots of local, national and international museum and gallery shops, because they’re great for encouraging creativity.

And that got us thinking…WWMD? (What Would Monet Doodle?)

Monet, of course, is famous for his Impressionist paintings and especially his paintings of water-lilies and the Japanese-style bridge and lily pond that he created at his home in Giverny. These were the subject of about 250 of his paintings – capturing them at different times of day and in changing lights and seasons.

So we figured…if we can make a Monet pond placemat, then you can doodle it, draw it, and colour it however you want to. And if you use the wash-out fabric pens that come in every pack, the ink all washes out in the machine so you can create as many versions as you like.

So…first Impressions don’t always count!

Find out more about the doodle Monet placemat set here and check out the video of us trying to make a good Impression below!